Designed for Field Service Management, Workshop Management,
Logistics and CRM applications.
BIT 8 is a cloud based software application designed to
manage planned and unplanned events, anticipate
potential failures and drives proactive responses.

The system verifies, distributes and shares service related
information to internal and external stakeholders using
real-time communications, with build-in pre-defined
allocation, notification and escalation via sms and email.

BIT 8 integrates with incumbent ERP systems such as
Microsoft Dynamics AX, to exchange functional data. BIT 8
extracts and compiles data into user friendly graphical
dashboards and multiple management reporting formats.

Using an integrated SQL database with Web services as
well as SMS communications, BIT 8 remotely updates job
statuses, transfers and exchanges data (M2M), in a real-time
environment from cell phones, tablets or laptops.

Menu structures and menu options are controlled and
rendered by user and user-group access and custom -
membership and -roll provider modules within a secure
multi-layered environment.
BIT 8 is designed with extensive thought put into
simplified workflow processes that guides a new user
through the process with minimum training.

BIT 8 manage user actions as well as inconsistent events,
based on predefined parameters.
Visual Management is achieved through real-time desktop
dials and graphs that compare actual performance against
predefined parameters.
An oversimplification is
“Capture, Verify, Allocate, Notify, Action, Update and Report.”
(Creating an upward spiral of continuous improvement).